Jennie Sjöwall

Associate / LL.M
Legal Counsel

Lund University

Languages: Swedish, english and french

Jennie Sjöwall is an Associate at Independia Law Firm AB and has worked as a lawyer since 2006; first at the Swedish Migration Agency (administrative process unit) as an administrator, then at the Administrative Court in Stockholm as a reporting clerk lawyer.

Jennie Sjöwall has the most experience in the area of ​​administrative law, especially in migration law. However, since starting her work in an agency, she has broadened her experience considerably to include legal problem solving and litigation in the field of civil law; for example, family law, real estate law, contract law and business law.

Reviews from employers about Jennie Sjöwall as a lawyer have among others included that she has very good professional knowledge and very good written and oral presentation skills. She is also characterized by a very good analytical ability. On a more personal level, she is suitable for the professional role, as she easily builds trust and is both responsive and determined. She is unafraid to take on new challenges and quickly settles into new areas of law.

In addition to law studies at Lund University, Jennie Sjöwall has educational experience in languages ​​(French), international experience from internships in Geneva and Brussels (UNESCO Liaison Office and the EU Council) and has taken courses in writing novels at Folkuniversitetet, which further educated her linguistically and contributed to her general education. She has also furthered her legal education through courses and seminars, during her time as a lawyer.

Jennie Sjöwall has gained other experience, which is useful in working life, by being a safety representative and chief safety representative at her former workplace, the Administrative Court in Stockholm, and by being a board member, with various areas of responsibility (law, finance and secretary) in her tenant-owner association.

Horse riding, cooking, reading, boating, art and design as well as writing are interests she has privately.

Contact Jennie Sjöwall regarding migration, family law, agreements and disputes in working life and business as well as administrative law issues.

Resume in brief
Legal representative, Independia Law Firm AB 2021—
Reporting clerk lawyer, Administrative Court in Stockholm 2008—2021
Lawyer (administrator), Swedish Migration Agency 2006—2008