Time to lawyer up?

Our team of lawyers has broad experience from a number of areas. You can always be sure that you are in good hands, whether it is family, work or a business disputes.

ourLegal areas

Disputes and litigations in court and arbitrations

Occasionally, two or more parties end up in a dispute. Disputes can be about family matters – finances or –…


Business law is a broad area and requires a practical and functional approach with a business focus and an understanding…

Insurance and Damages

We will help you if you have an accident, if someone has hurt you or if it is the opposite.…

Real Estate and Construction

We have extensive experience in the field and can assist you with, transactions and procurement as well as problems specific…

Working life

Having employees can be complicated and when there is a need to reorganize or release the questions are often at…

Law for People

Inevitably, you sometimes end up in situations where you need legal help. Regardless of whether the case is about migration, family, housing, work, business or a legal dispute, you always get professional legal help from people who can talk and reach out to other people. If it concerns your business then you have found a close partner with extensive experience in legal processes and negotiations.

Legal aid

Many who need to hire a lawyer worry about the costs. Often you have the right to financial aid through insurance companies or via the state. Let us help you get the legal aid you deserve.

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